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Recycling efforts in Las Vegas are taking on a different look these days with the continued growth of A1 Organics Nevada. In 2006, the veteran recyclers from Eaton, CO brought their innovative ideas to the Vegas Valley in hopes of capturing the incredible amounts of green waste and food waste that were currently going into our landfill. The Las Vegas area with its high volume of visitors, and a population of close to two million people, generates the largest amount of food waste per capita. A1 Organics captures the waste from some of our city’s biggest producers and turns it into a high quality grade of compost. Their wide range of products is then used in the valley’s landscaping projects.

Environmentally this is a big step forward for Southern Nevada by decreasing the amount of methane gas released at the landfill while the compost becomes vital in helping our porous soil retain water and produce healthy plants.

windrows at A1The excitement within the Valley is growing as businesses decide to be good community partners and do what is right to protect the environment and make a positive impact in this place so many call home. A1 Organics is pleased to be introducing a food waste program that creates a completely sustainable loop through recycling. Let our dependable team design a program for your business that could possibly save you money on your current waste disposal bills, reduce landfill waste and make your employees proud that they’re making a difference. Contact A1Organics today and you can be a part of making a better future for all of Southern Nevada.

A1 Organics and Vegas Waste
Shadow Creek Golf CourseA1 Organics Nevada's recycling program has become popular among many of the largest and most prestigious casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

Sustainability through recycling and the current green movement has inspired a more proactive approach to dealing with waste.  Food waste, building waste, green waste and other types of waste streams are now being funneled to A1 Organics Nevada where they are turned into products such as compost and mulch. These products are then used in landscaping projects, golf courses, and others to enrich the soil and return nutrients to the earth.

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